When it comes to effective marketing strategies, email marketing has always ranked high in effectiveness. Not only does it help boost awareness, but it also helps provide members entertainment, education, and connection with the property’s community.

By developing an appealing property holiday newsletter, you can produce high email open rates and create lots of website traffic. Keep in mind, however, that selling to your email list is not the goal here. You want to use this opportunity to nurture your relationships. Write from the head as well as the heart and keep your readers’ interests in mind.

The holiday season is a perfect time to reach out to your community residents with a holiday letter. While there are no rules for writing a holiday newsletter, we’ve put together these holiday newsletter ideas for community managers.

Keep it Short

Nothing is a bigger turn-off to readers than opening an email to see a giant wall of text staring back at them. Keep your holiday newsletters concise and filled with interesting content a variety of your readers will like this year. Some examples include:

Promote your Own Property Blog Posts

It’s important that your newsletter captures the interest of different sections of your audience – especially during the holidays. A great way to do this is to include links with a small blurb to your websites blog posts. If you’re looking for some great holiday blog post ideas, they could be:

  • How-to posts – How-to blog posts and videos are very popular and with good reason. Not only do readers find these posts informative, but they also set you up as a thought leader. A blog post like “How to make your house the best decorated on the block,” could be very successful.
  • Seasonal content – At this time of year, everyone is looking for new ideas for their home. Posting a blog post or posts giving ideas about décor, parties, recipes or more, is a great way to pique interest and get your community excited around the holidays.
  • Evergreen content – When you think of evergreen content, think of content that doesn’t lose its value over time. Evergreen content creates compounding returns to your website because it’s content that is always relevant regardless of the news cycle. This could be reviews of home products, home buying advice in any market, and holiday deals that can help your community engage.
  • Tips and Tricks – The holidays – and specifically holiday dinners – are when people want their houses looking the best they can be. Including some tips and tricks on your blog on how to do some improvements before the holidays are a great option. Some creative ideas for the blog could be:
    • A guide to home renovations and best light displays
    • The best ways to hang perfect house lights
    • Basics of sprucing up the home
    • Safe-proofing a home for children and pets
    • Ideas for new year’s resolutions

Home is Where the Heart is

The holiday season is about bringing people together and enjoying each other’s company. A great holiday newsletter idea for community managers is to include community events that get neighbors meeting neighbors. Or if these events don’t already exist, think about starting them. These events could include:

  • Holiday happy hours – invite community residents to a central common area/restaurant or bar for holiday happy hours
  • Lighting of the community tree – lighting of the community tree is a great way to get families out and neighbors interacting with each other
  • Gingerbread house decorating – gingerbread house competitions are a fun – and a tasty – holiday tradition
  • Hot cocoa and pie hour – everyone loves pie and cocoa. Host this event on its own or combine it with an event like the lighting of the community tree
  • Neighborhood caroling – a great way for neighbors to interact and share in the holiday spirit
  • Holiday cookie or dessert exchange – a yummy way for everyone to enjoy the holidays
  • Participating in a giving tree – an excellent way to help those less fortunate in your area

Additionally, residents tend to be interested in what’s going on in their larger community, so including local interests and celebrations in your newsletter is always an exceptional idea. Ideas like: New and popular restaurants to take visiting family during the holidays or the hottest retails stores for holiday deals. Does your community have a local recreational group such as Thanksgiving football games? Get the word out by including it in your newsletter.

Final Thoughts

The holidays are about bringing people together and there’s no better time to reach out to your residents as a community manager than the holidays. With these holiday newsletter ideas, you’ll be providing information that is both informative and entertaining. You’ll not only position yourself as a local leader but boost website traffic and credibility in your community.