• Added highlighting of $0 on the y-axis for all reports when the ending reserve balance goes below $0.
    Funding Report - Negative Ending Reserve Balance


  • Upgrade the SmartProperty core platform to run on the latest version of Angular which allows for increased performance & security.
  • Enhanced error messages when importing components is not successful.
  • Improved portions of the narrative on Page 3 of the Disclosure Report.
  • Improved report title and subtitle on all Funding Reports (HTML & PDF) to more clearly show the name & funding type.
  • Improved narrative on Threshold Funding Report when reports are based on a percentage of the current total replacement cost.
  • Swapped the Year/Category display toggle on the Plan Manage Components section, and defaulted the display to the more popular option of Category instead of Year.
  • Condensed header of all reports to allow for reduced chance for a Funding Report to display on more than a single page.

Bug Fixes

  • Creation of Plan Components now includes Expenditure Cycle Settings
  • Added notes to Funding Reports which had previously not been displayed