Release Notes – Version 2.12.0

New Display Location data on Component Reports For properties that use organize their components by "Location", that location is displayed on the HTML & PDF versions of the following reports: [...]

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Release Notes – Version 2.11.0

New Funding Reports + Anticipated Expenditures Hovering over the anticipated expenditures on any year will display the individual components to help you better understand what the money is being spent [...]

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Release Notes – Version 2.10.0

New Component Photos & Details Report Added feature to select only components that have photos Property Photos Ability to view photos at both the component level and now property level [...]

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Release Notes – Version 2.9.0

New Annual Financial Health Report is a new report that provides users with a quick snapshot of: Key Insights - Reserve Account Balance, Contributions to Reserves, Anticipated Expenditures for this [...]

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Release Notes – Version 2.8.0

New Washington State Disclosure - this new disclosure report has been created for properties located in the state of Washington, and can be found in Summary Reports The Percent Funded [...]

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Release Notes – Version 2.7.1

New All reports have an updated design with a cleaner presentation & improved user experience Workspace reporting - ability to run various reports across a portfolio of properties The activity [...]

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Release Notes – Version 2.2.6

Improvements Non-reserve components are no longer required to have all data fields provided (e.g. Useful Life, Remaining Useful Life, etc...) when performing a CSV import. Users can now add/edit Notes [...]

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Release Notes – Version 2.2.0

New Added highlighting of $0 on the y-axis for all reports when the ending reserve balance goes below $0. Improvements Upgrade the SmartProperty core platform to run on the latest [...]

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