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SmartProperty helps you forecast your property’s capital reserve expenditures, so you’ll never be caught by surprise again.

Plan with accuracy

SmartProperty helps improve the accuracy of your budget so you don’t run out of money. With a 20- and 30-year forecast and year-by-year snapshots, you can confidently track your historical costs and plan for your future. Create your living capital reserve history today and throw away that budgeting crystal ball.

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Save valuable time

Quickly build forecasts, what-if scenarios, and smarter capital reserve budgets—without spreadsheets. Spend less time hunting down your component history and more time focused on your owners. Tracking your capital reserves has never been this easy.

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Gain peace of mind

There is nothing worse than the stress of putting together your budget every year and knowing you’re not reserving enough. SmartProperty gives you capital reserve contribution recommendations that are easy for your board to understand, so you can make the right decisions when it comes to budgeting for fiscal responsibility.

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“When it was introduced to me, SmartProperty jumped out as a revolutionary application that could make management of any size reserve study much easier. My study happens to be very large, and after using it for a time, I better understand the benefits of electronic management, especially from a time and analysis viewpoint. The reporting suite is robust and covers a multitude of options to test different scenarios and their outcomes now and many years into the future. Plus, SmartProperty’s management team is always willing to listen to improvement ideas, as they are intent on building a cutting-edge application for the property management industry.”

Brian Bednersh, Finance Manager, FirstService Residential at SAMLARC

“There’s always a challenge out there lurking whether you know it or not. And in finance property management, you’re always playing defense. With SmartProperty, I have all the functionality I need at my fingertips to get things done.”

Ron Ficalora, Senior Association Manager, The Helm Management Co.
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