SmartProperty Management Advantage

Add value to your management company’s service offerings while increasing profitability

Management Company Advantage


Increase the value of your management services when you become a SmartProperty Management Advantage Partner.

When your management company partners with SmartProperty, you gain a suite of tools to better serve your clients. The Living Reserve Study™ is an asset management tool that elevates the level of professionalism that you can offer to your clients.

Become a trusted advisor by offering better financial management and asset management reporting and oversight to your boards, and give your managers tools to better understand and be able to present that information.

Ways to Add Value

  • Educate boards on Reserves and Long-Term Planning.
  • Help boards build long-term plans that will ‘buy more time’ to build up reserves.
  • Show board members how they can pay to fix things.
  • Quickly surface upcoming projects that need to get contractor bids
  • Save board members from potential liability by ensuring they perform their fiduciary duty using a data-backed decision making process.

Management Co Benefits

  • No additional work on the part of your management team. SmartProperty does the work to update reserve studies annually.

  • No liability on the management company side when you use SmartProperty to update your reserve studies each year.

  • Easily identify opportunities to generate revenue from reserve studies, admin fees, project fees and loan facilitation.

  • Makes your management services more ‘sticky’, increasing customer retention

Unlocking Value in Your Management Company

Unlock Your Value

Download our brochure that demonstrates how your management company can increase value using SmartProperty and The Living Reserve Study™.


Portfolio Analytics

Gain economies of scale by leveraging your portfolio’s reserve study data.

When it comes to leveraging the power of data, management companies have been under served. Most products provide management companies with oversight of individual communities, but fail to look at the bigger picture. SmartProperty aims to change this with Portfolio Analytics.

Portfolio Analytics is a suite of tools built-in to the SmartProperty platform that is exclusive to management companies. It allows you to leverage reserves data across your entire portfolio so you can better serve your clients.

Inventory Images
Inventory Images
  • Benchmarking: Compare communities to see how one community stands against similar communities.

  • Bulk Bidding: Identify upcoming projects in a category to send out RFPs and leverage volume to get a break for your clients.

  • Budget Tracking: Get an overview of your entire portfolio to instantly identify impending shortfalls and deficits before they happen/

  • Funding Needs: Easily see when a community is headed to a balloon payment or cash flow shortage to help them make a plan for alternative funding options

  • Project Savings: Identify ways to help clients save money or extend the useful remaining life of components to ‘buy time’

Customer Stories


Great for Management Execs

Smart Property is so much more than an interactive reserve budgeting tool for
associations, it’s also a capital component management tool for management executives. No more spreadsheets and double-checking to make sure things are getting done!

– Dave Reese, President
Silvercreek Association Management

Start Playing Offense

There’s always a challenge out there lurking whether you know it or not. And in finance property management, you’re always playing defense. With SmartProperty, I have all the functionality I need at my fingertips to get things done.

– Ron Ficalora, Senior Association Manager,

The Helm Management Co.

Tips for Managers

Watch the video to learn six useful tips that can help managers get the most out of SmartProperty, provide more value to their clients, and spend less time and effort to get the information they need.

SmartProperty for Managers


Integrate reserves and actuals for a more accurate financial picture.

When you integrate SmartProperty with your accounting system of record, you gain the ability to generate real-time financial health reports for your community association clients. At the click of a button, your managers can present a comprehensive report to boards that with key insights to help boards easily understand the state of the community’s financial position.

This SmartProperty Report™ makes it easier for boards to make financial decisions based on real data, and provides a visual guide to help homeowners understand the community’s needs and vote to make the best choices for the association’s future.

Inventory Images
Inventory Images
  • Compares the actuals of current reserve balances, and what has been budgeted to what has been contributed to date.
  • Provides a cash flow graph that shows reserve expenses versus the current reserves contributions.
  • Identifies variances in reserve spending projections versus actual reserve spending for the year.
  • Maps GL codes to projected expenditures by category so boards can see what was actually spent.
  • Displays a 5-year projection of the community’s reserve expenditures based on the current projections to see if the community is on track with the projected savings.

Customer Stories


Turn Reserve Studies Into Action Items

Smart Property software has helped me to understand HOA capital expenditures funding and strengthen my knowledge of financial condition of the given property. I find it an essential tool for any professional property and asset manager, that helps to provide realistic expectations on the aging of your property.

– Viktor Shvets, General Manager

Ka’iulani of Princeville, Kauai


Source of Revenue and Education!

Since signing up I have performed more than 30 Reserve Studies for our clients. We were already providing most of the information to the reserve study specialist (work completed, costs, expected projects, etc.) so being able to provide our own reserve studies is saving us time and created a new stream of revenue. We can now modify or work on funding plans with Board Members at Board Meetings which has been a great opportunity for education!

– Nicolas Marin, Navigate Community Management

Management Company Plans

DIY With The Living Reserve Study™
Schedule a Meeting
Access to Portfolio Analytics
Offer Professional Reserve Studies on an as-needed basis
[DIY] Management Company maintains component inventory and financial analysis in the program  
Option to integrate with accounting platform
Option to white-label
  • Benefit: You have more control over the process, and can set pricing to fit your market.
  • Recommended for: Best for management companies with a reserve analyst on staff or in unregulated states that have subject matter experts or maintenance divisions supplying estimates and quotes.
We do the updates, we take on the liability
Schedule a Meeting
Full, Onsite Reserve Study
Board receives printable PDF version of full reserve study
Completed reserve study data is loaded into The Living Reserve Study™
Access to Portfolio Analytics
Offer Reserve Studies automatically as a value-added services
Minimal additional time and resources required of your staff
No liability on the Management Company for replacement estimates
Option to integrate with accounting platform
Option to white-label
  • Benefit: As a managed service, we update your client's reserve studies annually. There is no liability or exra work for your team to maintain the data. You get a share in revenue for every living reserve study signed.
  • Recommended for: Best for management companies looking to provide reserve management services to their clients without hiring a professional reserve analyst and taking on additional liability.

How it

As the saying goes, garbage in, garbage out. If every community’s reserve study data is different, it’s impossible for your management company to compare that data at a portfolio level.

That’s why, when your management company signs up to become a SmartProperty partner, we begin by taking all of the reserve studies you have gathered for the communities in your portfolio and organize, normalize, and digitize them.

We will map the components in each reserve study to match your GL accounts and standardize component names and categories so that the elements are consistent across your portfolio. This data standardization allows you to benchmark communities in your portfolio so you can compare similar components and projects across your entire portfolio.

At the same time, SmartProperty will conduct a reserve study update to match the actuals from your accounting system, update replacement costs according to inflation and other market costs, and create new funding models. Finally, we will load your clients’ reserve studies onto The Living Reserve Study™ platform.

SmartProperty will continue to perform this service as you bring new communities on board to ensure your analytics are consistent and actionable. We’ll even help you promote the service to your clients!

Unlock value in your management company by implementing The Living Reserve Study™. Offering reserve studies to your clients is only the beginning. SmartProperty’s Management Advantage program gives management companies the tools you need to increase value in your service offerings.

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