SmartProperty Founder Damian Esparza speaks to the hosts of the HOA Pros podcast on the value of The Living Reserve Study™

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Living Reserve Study Featured On HOA Pros

We really felt that there had to be a better way to do this - that we had to provide value for the managers. I think what managers want more than anything is peace of mind and convenience. They have so much on their plate as it is, so how do we make this easier to digest? How do you tell a story in one page, with a lot of pretty graphs and some bar charts? Because that is about as much time as we have to engage with the board before a board meeting.

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SmartProperty has been making waves in the world of HOA and condo management. Recently featured on The HOA Pros podcast, founder Damian Esparza shared insights into how his company’s innovative tool, The Living Reserve Study™, is transforming the way HOA and condo boards approach reserve planning and decision-making.

In a refreshingly frank interview, Damian impressed hosts Kara Foley and Mike Perlof with the case for why the industry desperately needs The Living Reserve Study™, and demonstrated how it can bring value to managers and boards of directors.

Listen to the Podcast Here!

The entire episode is delightful, but if you haven’t got time for the whole hour, here are some key moments from the podcast:

  • Introduction (How The Living Reserve Study™ came to be) – 4:30
  • Why boards of directors defer maintenance and replacements – 12:40
  • The self-cleaning toaster oven mindset – 21:35
  • How to manage the pain of deferred maintenance – 27:20
  • Making life easier for the manager (plus a big announcement!)- 31:59
  • Allowing communities to benchmark comparables – 36:47
  • Why homeowners don’t understand reserves – 40:31
  • Project management too? Lifecycle management – 45:40
  • How to try it for yourself! – 50:00

In short, The Living Reserve Study™ is a powerful tool that helps managers build trust with boards and homeowners by providing detailed insights into the condition of the community’s physical assets and the costs associated with maintaining them.

Take a closer look at how The Living Reserve Study™ is changing the game for HOA and condo management, and the benefits it can bring to your community.

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The Living Reserve Study™ is more than an electronic version of your reserve study. It’s a suite of tools that let you control every aspect of your asset management process, from tracking reserve component inventory to funding scenarios to tracking maintenance to managing capital improvement projects.

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