SmartProperty helps community associations implement a strategic reserve plan to keep community finances healthy in the face of rising costs.

SmartProperty helps community associations implement a strategic reserve plan to keep community finances healthy in the face of rising costs.

Introducing The Living Reserve Study™

Traditional reserve studies are complicated and quickly become inaccurate once they are prepared. That means the only thing your funding plans are guaranteed to be is outdated.

Introducing the Living Reserve Study™ –  A living document that can be updated in real-time to guarantee accuracy and success because it never goes out of date.

Better Tools So Boards Can Make Better Decisions

SmartProperty builds better tools so boards can make better decisions. Our cutting-edge technology will keep your reserves healthy through:

  • Custom Funding Plans
  • Real-Time Component Tracking
  • Key Role Collaboration
  • Real-Time Planning
  • Sandbox Scenario Planning
  • Real-Time Financial Health Report
  • Audit Controls
  • Project Tracking Tools

Prevent Hidden Surprises

Throw away the budgeting crystal ball and plan your community's capital reserve savings with confidence

Prevent Hidden Surprises

The Living Reserve Study™ helps prevent surprises that lead to unpopular actions such as special assessments, insurance loss, and unexpected fee increases.

Increase Transparency

Build trust when community members understand the community’s financial position and planning

Increase Transparency

The Living Reserve Study™ helps protect your community from liability due to deferred maintenance or mismanaged funds.

Extend Useful Life

Buys you time and saves you money you might have spent on interest or special assessments.

Extend Useful Life

The Living Reserve Study™ helps you find ways to extend the useful life of your components by implementing regular inspections, preventative maintenance plans, and project phases to your capital improvements schedule.

Learn how SmartProperty helped Trilogy at Glen Ivy keep an additional $79,000 in their owners’ pockets while sufficiently funding their reserves.

A Modern Approach to Capital Planning

We’ve revolutionized the traditional reserve study through modern technology and first-of-its-kind real-time monitoring. SmartProperty’s specialized asset management tool is designed to help communities right-size their reserve fund contributions by turning a traditional static reserve study into a living document.

SmartProperty Integrated Toolset

Only one solution combines all of the tools you need to develop and implement a strategic plan of Cap Ex Management for your community association. SmartProperty’s tools are interconnected, meaning that you can update your funding plan in real-time as your inventory changes, or earmark reserve funds within your capital improvement project.

Track common area elements in real-time. Geo-tag elements and log updates from preventive maintenance actions to extend the useful life of your reserve components.

No more spreadsheets and financial models based on outdated information. With SmartProperty, boards of directors can create multiple funding models to plan your budget and ‘buy more time’ to build up reserves and prepare for your community’s future.

When its time to replace outdated components and implement capital improvements in your community, you need project management tracking tools that map your expenditures to your reserves. SmartProperty gives your board of directors insight into every phase of your project.

Track Your Capital Improvements

Conducting a reserve study is just the first step to preserving your community and increasing property values. SmartProperty provides project management tools that allow you to track projects at each stage and leverage your reserves data to keep everything on time and on budget.

Trusted by Boards and Management Professionals

Today, over a half-million homes across the United States are covered by The Living Reserve Study™:

Living Reserve Studies in SmartProperty
Reserve Components Being Tracked
Cash Reserves Funding Capital Needs
Anticipated Capital Expenditures

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