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In today’s complex world of property management, accurate data has never been so important. It impacts both the operational maintenance decisions and financial planning required for owners and investors alike. SmartProperty solves this problem by providing “living history” software powered by machine learning, that provides continuity and accuracy over the life and maintenance of property assets. The result is smarter decisions made with greater confidence because owners and investors alike have greater transparency into the total cost of ownership. The company provides an economical, easy to use, software-as-service that aggregates data for automation. Our team has over 35 years of domain experience in both real estate and technology with a mission to help people manage their future with smarter decisions and greater confidence.

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Customize Your Plan

Gain more control and create your own what-if scenarios, without spreadsheets

Control Your Data

Store files and photos in the cloud to increase accuracy with better record-keeping.

Collaborate with Others

Access and collaborate with vendors to track work history anytime, anywhere.

Reserve Study Software You Can Trust

We bring over 30 years of experience preparing reserve studies throughout the United States. When it comes to the design of our product you are getting the experience of a company who has completed over 20,000 reserve studies. Over the years we have invested time and resources to design a product that is not only easy to use, but accurate and effective. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the outcome, just tell us why and we’ll refund your last month’s software fee. But we’re pretty confident you’ll love it. More than 100,000 happy customers.

What users are saying

Mike Hogan

Belleair, Florida

Using Smart Property to track our condominium's reserve study and needed annual funding requirements has been invaluable. The program allows you to make various assumptions on assessments, changes in dues, inflation, etc., in order to best provide your board with current costing and funding needs. I highly encourage every HOA board to make use of this program.




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Protect the value of your investment

Be prepared. Poor budgeting may lead to higher monthly assessments, underfunded reserves, and lack of clarity into the financial condition of your property. This increases the risk of lower property values, scaring off lenders, investors, and home buyers. Gaining control of the budget process gives you the insight needed to properly fund your reserves and protect the future value of your property.

Start collaborating to save time and money

We designed our automated reserve study software so you can seamlessly collaborate with your vendors, board members and other experts. This saves you time, increases budget accuracy and creates a more reliable forecast you can trust.

Avoid costly special assessments

Is your property adequately funded for future repairs and replacements? Our software is designed to give you the information necessary to anticipate the future financial requirements to be adequately funded. We understand that no two communities are the same and each property has its unique challenges. So we developed a simple-to-use, customizable tool for creating your own 'what-if' funding scenarios to meet the goals of your community. This allows HOA boards to better manage community expectations and avoid unforeseen expenses which may lead to costly special assessments.

Comply with state real estate disclosure statutes

In addition to being a helpful planning tool that gives clarity into the financial condition of your community, reserve studies for homeowners associations are legally mandated in 30 states (such as California, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, Virginia, Oregon, Arizona and Washington to name a few) either for budget preparation or homeowner (and prospective homeowner) disclosure purposes. In California, the relevant laws are California Civil Codes §5300, §5550, §5560, §5565 and §5570. On June 30th, 2011, the Department of Housing and Urban Development published Mortgagee Letter 2011-22, which made reserve studies mandatory for all new condominium conversions applying for FHA insured loans approval, including gut and non-gut rehabilitation conversions. This new guideline went into effect September 1st, 2011.