Our Mission

At SmartProperty, we believe that better data leads to better outcomes for community associations.

Our mission is to help community association stakeholders achieve better results using data and analytics to protect, maintain, and enhance property values.

Our Values

Be Fast

Innovation comes from Action.

Fail Fast. Succeed Faster.

We believe innovation comes from action. Others may sit around and talk about problems the industry is facing, but we take action to solve them. We listen to our customers and then work fast to implement solutions that will provide value.

We acknowledge that we won’t get everything right the first time, but we will fail fast so we can succeed faster.

Be Flexible

Receptive to new ideas; Adaptive to change.

Listen. Pivot. Adapt.

We believe that the only way to solve big problems is to be flexible enough to change when new insights are revealed.

As a modern, forward thinking company, we aim to be receptive to new ideas and able to pivot in response to the changing needs of the industry. In a world that keeps throwing curve balls, flexibility allows us to not just survive, but thrive.

Be Fun

Less Stress Leads to a Better Life for All.

Do Good. Have Fun.

We believe the point of technology is to make people’s lives better, so they have more time to enjoy living. We want to ensure that homeowners can love where they live, stress less about the future, and just be happy.

When we make other people’s lives better, we feel good about our own lives, helping us find a balance in doing good and having fun.

Our Story

In a world where everything is changing, community associations need to look ahead—and stay ahead.

In 2001, Damian Esparza, left the business technology industry to join the world of real estate, community association management, and reserve studies, running his family reserve study business, Berrara & Co.

After years of providing communities with traditional reserve studies, only to watch them struggle with maintaining a long-term plan, Damian became frustrated. The problem, he believed, was not with the customers but rather with the medium. A traditional reserve study, he realized, is inherently flawed, as the information in it becomes stale almost as soon as it is published.

Damian believed there was a better way. He founded SmartProperty on the principle that constant improvement based on customer input is the key to success.

This thinking led to the first-ever capital planning platform designed specifically for community associations—a dynamic tool that is accessible to all community stakeholders and can be updated anytime, from anywhere. It transforms static, outdated information into a tool that helps communities manage their future with smarter decisions and greater confidence.

Team Members
Satisfied Associations

Our Why

Bridging the Gap

One in every five communities is projected to go cash-flow negative in the next 5 years.

Bridging the Gap to Why

For too long, community association trustees have been dropped into the deep end of a business model they are wholly unprepared for. They’ve volunteered to run a multi-million dollar business, for free and with minimal training.

The very definition of a community association and the duty of every board member is to “provide a communal basis for preserving, maintaining, and enhancing homes and property” (p4). But it isn’t obvious how to get from here to there.

The usual recommendation is that the board commission a reserve study. But the static reserve study falls short. It is not enough on its own to complete the job to be done.

In fact, based on our analysis of over 20,000 reserve studies, one in every five communities is projected to go cash-flow negative in the next 5 years, despite all of them having a reserve study!

It’s time to stop overburdening dedicated volunteers—the teachers, nurses, and mechanics with the responsibility of understanding Wall Street-level investment strategies. Today’s boards deserve a platform that will help them plan for their community’s future without needing a crystal ball or years of experience as a Fortune-500 CEO.

SmartProperty’s Living Reserve Study is that solution.

Our Executive Team

Our team has over 35 years of domain experience in real estate and technology with a mission to help people manage their future with smarter decisions and greater confidence.

Damian J Esparza
Damian J EsparzaCEO & Founder
Kim Gambino
Kim GambinoCTO

Advisory Board

No man is an island, and no product can succeed without the insight and the knowledge of experts. We value our advisors to guide us in meeting the needs of the industry.

Bob Nascenzi, MBA
Bob Nascenzi, MBABusiness Leadership for High Tech Enterprises
Greg Drakos, MBA
Greg Drakos, MBAReal Estate Investment
Jared Tunnell
Jared TunnellCommunity Association Industry Expert
Todd Teta
Todd TetaTechnology Advisor
Daniel Bauman
Daniel BaumanManagement Company Executive

Careers @ SmartProperty

SmartProperty is changing the world for condominium and homeowners associations by reinventing the way they plan for and safeguard their community’s future.

We have dedicated everything we have to preventing another disaster like the Surfside condo collapse from happening again.

We are looking for motivated people who want to make a difference and help protect the 27 million people in this country living in communities with aging infrastructure.


Growth Opportunities

Make an Impact, Get Rewarded

Get Involved, Grow With Us.

Contribute to the success of the company by brainstorming, thinking outside of the box, and identifying opportunities for growth–your contribution will have a huge impact for our product and our customers. Our product is right on the cusp of tipping over into a larger market share. Joining now will give you ample growth opportunities, equity options, and the flexibility to tailor your role as we grow.

Remote-First Culture

Results Over Location

What works for you, works for us.

While you are welcome to come into our office in San Diego, we have a remote-first culture, so you can literally work from anywhere.

But don’t worry about missing out if you’re not in the office! We have all the technology to support remote culture, and we hold bi-annual in-person meetups to brainstorm and build team relationships.

Health and Welfare

Healthy Body. Healthy Mind.

True Work-Life Balance

We feel that a healthy work-life balance is critical to success. To maintain a healthy body, we cover your health and wellness. To maintain a balance, we offer unlimited vacation time and flexible working hours so you can reset, recharge and spend valuable time with your loved ones.

Open Positions

How to Apply

Please email your resume and cover letter to us and we will reach out to you for the next steps.