The Living Reserve Study™

Keep property values up and build a more resilient community with our easy-to-use Common Area Asset Management platform.

The Living Reserve Study


Keep track of all the components in your reserve study in one simple to use platform.

  • Store component details such as description, serial numbers, supplier info and more.
  • Map each component’s location with geo-mapping.
  • Access The Living Reserve Study™ on your mobile device for easy component inspections.
  • Tie each component to your financials with GL code and cost center.
  • Track estimated replacement costs and schedule.
  • Attach photos of each component along with file attachments for RFPs, bids, specs, and vendor information.
  • Add Notes and maintenance history to track changes or preventative maintenance.
  • Choose which notes appear in the board report.
  • Generate comprehensive inventory reports.
Inventory Images
Inventory Summary Report
Inventory Images
Inventory Summary Report

Customer Stories


Homeowner Education

Now we have the tools to have a tangible anticipated replacement list that evolves so you would know projects coming up whereas before people were just using their own judgement. It's a great tool to educate the rest of the association about why a component is scheduled for replacement, which helps with teaching or convincing owners.

– Roxana DePasquale,
Belleview Biltmore Villas South Garden Four

Paperless Inventory

One aspect of SmartProperty I think many people don't realize is it's a repository of saving documents for your components. So many times in my career I have noticed a board did not have the contract from a former large capital expense, or an estimate that they got years ago has been lost to time. But now, if you get sued or you get push back on an estimate, you have everything you need to defend the Board's decisions right in the component record.

– Andrew Spencer, EJF Real Estate Services

& Analysis

Annual Financial Health Report

Reserve planning that fits your community’s needs.

  • View anticipated expenditures over 30 years to identify spikes and prevent reserve shortages.
  • Filter by category, phase, status, or date to understand where your replacement reserves are going.
  • Create phased replacement plans.
  • Determine if you will need additional funding options early so you can explore funding alternatives.
  • View at a glance when you will need to cash in CDs or bonds to make funding available for CapEx projects.
  • Preview the effect pending board decisions will have on the budget, and on the community’s future.
  • Create tests by breaking projects into phases or pushing out timelines to buy time for funding to be available for necessary projects. Or build your own custom funding model!
  • Provide homeowners and board members with a summary overview of the financial condition of the reserves, anticipated expenditures, a breakdown of where the money is going and a preview of the future financial state based on current projections.
Inventory Images
Inventory Summary Report
Inventory Images
Inventory Summary Report

Creating Your Financial Plan

Step 0
Start with a recommended capital plan based on your reserve study recommendations.
Step 0
Modify the long-term plan to fit the goal priorities determined by the board of directors.
Step 0
Create a sandbox to test out ‘what-if’ scenarios without affecting your live plan.
Step 0
Compare up to 5 funding scenarios to help you ‘right-size’ contributions and plan funding models.
Step 0
Generate the Annual Financial Health Report to share your financial plan with your members.

Customer Stories


Saves Time

SmartProperty is allowing me to conduct “what if” analysis on our Reserve study in real time, without the clumsy old process of submitting marked up reports and waiting for a response. I was able to evaluate all my proposed changes in a day, rather than a couple of weeks!

– Jim McCorkle, Board President,
Cantabria Maintenance Corporation

Builds Confidence

SmartProperty allowed us to look at the association’s expenses and budget as a whole. With SmartProperty I was able to run scenarios myself, see all the component costs, and really
pinpoint the best allocations for the community. In 20 years of working in the industry, I have never been more confident with what’s in my reserve study.

– James Niccoli, General Manager

Trilogy at Glen Ivy


Projects Overview

CapEx project tracking that is integrated with your reserve study.

  • Get a top-down view of all active projects so you can quickly identify where every project is in the process. (RFP, Reviews, Approval, Commencement, Work in Progress and Completed)
  • Tie projects to components in the inventory, and view the available reserve funds earmarked for each component’s replacement. View at a glance the amount remaining from the approved budget for all projects.
  • Split larger projects into phases that can be tracked separately or together.
  • Track payments and map invoices to GL codes. Add files and photos for bids, specs, contracts and more.
  • Choose what percentage of a payment applies to this project when a contractor is working on multiple projects at once.
  • Keep notes and history on the project with our activity timeline.
  • Generate a printable report for the board to review a summary of open projects.
  • Create templates you can follow for tracking future projects to ensure nothing gets missed.
Inventory Summary Report
Inventory Images
Inventory Summary Report
Inventory Images

Customer Stories


Stay on Track

Staying on top of projects in spreadsheets used to be overwhelming. Not anymore. I love using SmartProperty's project tracking tool because it helps track invoices and payments and matches them to the reserves. It makes sure the contract is being followed and the budget stays on track.

– Rick Ruth, First Service Residential

Keep Everybody on the Same Page

Before SmartProperty, the amount of time and communication it would take to complete a project was endless. Now, with SmartProperty, I can give access to my vendors or contractors to update components in real-time when applicable. With the ability to upload photos or files of work orders or service requests, I can keep track of all the moving parts within my project at the touch of a button whenever I need to.

– Shawn Racoma, The Whaler at Kaanapali Beach AOAO

Pricing Plans

The Living Reserve Study™
$75 /mo*
We Load Your Existing Reserve Study
Gain Access to These Features:
Component Inventory Control
Detailed photo, geo-tracking & file management system
Capital Planning & Analysis Tools
Monthly Financial Health Report for inclusion in Monthly Financials
Comprehensive Reports
Collaborative User Access Control
Sandbox for what-if scenario planning
Data Integration with Accounting Software**
  • What It Is: DIY (You create and/or maintain your own reserve study data inside the platform.)
  • Recommended for: Best for communities in unregulated states that have subject matter experts or maintenance divisions supplying estimates and quotes.
The Living Reserve Study™ + Professional Reserve Study
$100 /mo*
Everything in Standard Plan, PLUS...
Annual Reserve Study Update
Managed Reserve Study Update Services
On-Demand Professional Reserve Analyst for financial review with recommendations
Board Education via Zoom
  • What It Is: Managed Services (we update The Living Reserve Study™ from the reserve study we conduct for you.)
  • Who Should Use It: Best for communities that need a updates to component data and a financial review based on a previously performed reserve study. Complies with state requirements for a financial review.
The Living Reserve Study™ + Pro Reserve Study w/Onsite Inspection
Pricing varies by Community
Everything in Standard Plan, PLUS...
Full, Onsite Reserve Study
Professional analyst comes to your community to perform a full on-site inspection
Board receives printable PDF version of full reserve study
Completed reserve study data is loaded into The Living Reserve Study™
On-Demand Professional Reserve Analyst for review with recommendations
Board Education via Zoom
  • What It Is: Managed Services (we create The Living Reserve Study™ data from the reserve study we conduct for you.)
  • Who Should Use It: Best for communities that have not conducted a reserve study in 5 or more years. Complies with state requirements for a full reserve study.

Need us to load your existing reserve study? $99 Setup to Onboard Existing Reserve Study Component Inventory.

* Invoiced annually. Includes up to 150 components per property. $1 for each additional component. Sandboxes and sub-associations priced separately.

** Data integration available or select industry accounting systems only.

*** Onsite Inspection Pricing varies based on location, size of community and engineering partner. Submit an RFP to get a quote for a full reserve study for your association.

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The Living Reserve Study™ is more than an electronic version of your reserve study. It’s a suite of tools that let you control every aspect of your asset management process, from tracking reserve component inventory to funding scenarios to tracking maintenance to managing capital improvement projects.

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