Reserve Studies

HOAs and Condos
Get a professional analysis of your community association’s common area components with recommendations.

Professional Reserve Studies

Why You Need
A Reserve Study

Eliminate the risk of unwelcome surprises and board member liability.

A professional reserve study provides an itemized list of all the common area components in the community from the obvious like the roof and parking lot, to the not so obvious like the HVAC system and plumbing pipes, along with a professional estimate of how long they are likely to last, and how much they are likely to cost to replace.

The board is responsible for all of the community’s components from maintaining them to ensuring that the community has enough money available to replace them when they reach the end of their usable life.

Some boards try to ‘guestimate’ how much it would cost to replace these components and when they are likely to break down. But if this guess is even a little off, it can have big consequences for the board, leading to cash flow problems and special assessments, billing the cost of the replacements directly to the homeowners.

These unwelcome surprises can even lead to lawsuits where the board members themselves are held liable for a failure to act in the community’s best interest.

A professional reserve study eliminates the risk of liability to your board and helps you make informed, fiscally responsible decisions for your budget.

How to
Get Started

Every SmartProperty reserve study comes complete with a 1-year subscription to The Living Reserve Study™. Once your reserve study has been presented to and accepted by the board of directors, we will load the data onto the platform so you can begin working in your living reserve study.

You simply select how you want to start: You can have us load your existing reserve study data so you can jump right in to The Living Reserve Study™, or you can have us update your existing reserve study, or we can provide a full professional reserve study complete with on-site inspection.

Reserve Strength Calculator

Are You Reserving Enough?

One out of four shared ownership developments is expected to run out of reserve funds in the next five years. Why? They simply aren’t reserving enough to fund future expenses. Use our simple reserve contribution calculator to see if your community is at risk.


For communities with a more current reserve study, SmartProperty offers the Financial Update option. This reserve study complies with the Update, No Site Visit/Off-Site Review Reserve Study specifications as defined by the National Reserve Study Standards (NRSS).

For this reserve study, SmartProperty will compare your existing reserve study data with your current financials to determine a fund status, conduct life and valuation estimates, and create an updated funding plan.

On-Site Inspection

Recommended for communities with no reserve study, or a reserve study that is more than 5 years old, this reserve study option complies with the Full Reserve Study specifications as defined by the National Reserve Study Standards (NRSS).

SmartProperty will send a reserve consultant or engineer to your community to conduct an on-site inspection of your community. This inspection includes a component inventory with measurements and photos, a condition assessment, and life and valuation estimates for all of the reserve components in your community.

Once the inspection report is completed, SmartProperty will evaluate the analysis, conduct a financial review of the community, establish replacement cost estimations for your component inventory, and develop funding plan recommendations.

Sample Professional Reserve Study

View a Sample Reserve Study

Not only does a Professional Reserve Study from SmartProperty come complete with all your data loaded into The Living Reserve Study™, it also includes a printable PDF reserve study like you would receive from any competitor. But when you compare our reserve study to theirs, you see the SmartProperty difference right away. SmartProperty delivers beautiful reserve studies with comprehensive analysis laid out in a way that is easy to understand.

Pricing Plans

The Living Reserve Study™
$75 /mo*
We Load Your Existing Reserve Study
Gain Access to These Features:
Component Inventory Control
Detailed photo, geo-tracking & file management system
Capital Planning & Analysis Tools
Monthly Financial Health Report for inclusion in Monthly Financials
Comprehensive Reports
Collaborative User Access Control
Sandbox for what-if scenario planning
Data Integration with Accounting Software**
  • What It Is: DIY (You create and/or maintain your own reserve study data inside the platform.)
  • Recommended for: Best for communities in unregulated states that have subject matter experts or maintenance divisions supplying estimates and quotes.
The Living Reserve Study™ + Professional Reserve Study
$100 /mo*
Everything in Standard Plan, PLUS...
Annual Reserve Study Update
Managed Reserve Study Update Services
On-Demand Professional Reserve Analyst for financial review with recommendations
Board Education via Zoom
  • What It Is: Managed Services (we update The Living Reserve Study™ from the reserve study we conduct for you.)
  • Who Should Use It: Best for communities that need a updates to component data and a financial review based on a previously performed reserve study. Complies with state requirements for a financial review.
The Living Reserve Study™ + Pro Reserve Study w/Onsite Inspection
Pricing varies by Community
Everything in Standard Plan, PLUS...
Full, Onsite Reserve Study
Professional analyst comes to your community to perform a full on-site inspection
Board receives printable PDF version of full reserve study
Completed reserve study data is loaded into The Living Reserve Study™
On-Demand Professional Reserve Analyst for review with recommendations
Board Education via Zoom
  • What It Is: Managed Services (we create The Living Reserve Study™ data from the reserve study we conduct for you.)
  • Who Should Use It: Best for communities that have not conducted a reserve study in 5 or more years. Complies with state requirements for a full reserve study.

Need us to load your existing reserve study? $99 Setup to Onboard Existing Reserve Study Component Inventory.

* Invoiced annually. Includes up to 150 components per property. $1 for each additional component. Sandboxes and sub-associations priced separately.

** Data integration available or select industry accounting systems only.

*** Onsite Inspection Pricing varies based on location, size of community and engineering partner. Submit an RFP to get a quote for a full reserve study for your association.

How it Works

Commission a professional reserve study for your community association.

If your community has never had a reserve study performed, or the one you have is out of date, you are working from outdated, insufficient information. That can be dangerous for your community, leading to components failing earlier than you planned, or severely underfunded reserves on hand to replace components when the need arises.

SmartProperty works with a network of engineers across the country to provide on-site inspections for community associations. We pair these expert reports with our specialized in-house reserve analysts to deliver an in-depth, personalized professional reserve study.

You get the printed reserve report, and we’ll also load your reserve study data into The Living Reserve Study™ so your can start tracking your asset management process in real time.

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The Living Reserve Study™ is more than an electronic version of your reserve study. It’s a suite of tools that let you control every aspect of your asset management process, from tracking reserve component inventory to funding scenarios to tracking maintenance to managing capital improvement projects.

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